Saturday, April 7, 2012

Using a fun chalk board to explain how a JEE6 application that uses web services should be organized

I have been studying JAX-RS the last 2 months and i found it very interesting. I wanted to create an interesting video where i explain one of the ways how the .ear application can be organized when using web services. I didn't know that Entities can behave also as JAXB objects. That make things a lot easier.
I think you will like this video, is interesting. It was to big to upload it at once so i divided.
This is the second part of the video. Here i am just showing the code, i am not programming because otherwise the recording would be too long.

I would like to know about what do you think of this architecture? What other alternatives do exist? What are the best practices? Please feel free to comment, i am very interested in reading your comments.

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