Thursday, November 1, 2012

How to conquer the world? Well... you need a strategy

This weekend i went through old notes i had on  my hard disk, I wanted to refresh my mind about some design patterns.
Patterns is a topic I like very much and from my point of view they represent some foundation which is mandatory to understand if we want to have better understanding of software architectures.
The most popular authors that wrote about design patterns are known as GoF (Gang of Four), we could say that they are the icon every developer looks at when talking about design patterns. Their writings are present in almost every university and in many occasions are even a mandatory subject(Well.. at least it was in mine :) ).

I think the "Strategy" pattern was the first, or at least one of the first patterns i studied when I started with java. Also i noticed the large amount on articles on the web about this pattern.
Here a really good one you can read latter (But for now, focus on my one ;) ).

So since this pattern is so popular, and interesting, maybe it deserves a post.
Also since there are many articles on this topic already on the internet and all of them are very similar, I thought about making a little surprise at the end of my  presentation, to make it more fun and beautiful.
I hope you like it.

Note: Don't forget to set the quality to HD in the video player


  1. Thanks Djordje, I watched with enjoyment all you talked about strategy pattern. I hope that the class ABetterWorld, at the end of video, created at least a litle better world :) Keep great job.


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