Sunday, November 3, 2013

If you could pick a superpower what would it be?

The other day at lunch time I had a very interesting conversation with my fellow colleagues.
We were talking about which superpower would be the most awesome to have.
There are so many superpowers to pick its difficult to decide which one is the best and most awesome.
I think that pretty much we all agreed that it would depend on which situation you are in.
That evening going back home by London's tube via central line, the huge crowd made me wish I coulda teleport.
I was meditating about this and I came to the conclusion that teleportation could probably be a bit risky(I yet don't know london very well and I didn't want to land in the wrong place so I gave up that idea). I changed my mind and a wished I could travel time, to go back have a little walk and take a tube latter when less people at the station.
Do you think is there one that can allow you to travel time?
The answer is Yes! there is one.
In this screencast I will show you the advantages time traveling can have for your software and your company and also I will show you how to prepare your software for time traveling when things get ugly. 

Note: Don't forget to set the quality to HD in the video player

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