Monday, June 8, 2015

Stefan Birkner's system-rules library

Just a super quick post about an interesting library I just discovered :)

Its very rare the case when you will have to test things such as an String being printed in the console or a System property being set from the program... But in occasions it happens that.

Last week I discovered a library called system-rules, from Stefan Birkner.
It is really interesting and easy to use, it can help you easily do tests that involve java.lang.System

Lets just quickly saw an example.
Imagine that for some reason you want to test that the console prints some message... I don't know you, but the only way I know to do that, is to redirect the stream that goes to the console, to something that you can control and read from(e.g a file, a log...). This kind of test would have lots of boiler plate. It would look somehow like this:

   public void consoleOutputOldSchoolTest() throws FileNotFoundException {  
     //Create some text file where the output will be redirected, so you can make an assertion later.  
     File testingFile = new File("testingFile.txt");  
     //Create a testing stream and give the file to it  
     PrintStream testingStream = new PrintStream(testingFile);  
     //Keep a copy of the old console output stream  
     PrintStream consoleStream = new PrintStream(System.out);  
     //Reset the object out to the new stream  
     //Write something to the "console"  
     //Rewire back to the original console output  
     //Just an informative message  
     System.out.println("all back to normal");  
     //Read the output that we are testing  
     String output = new Scanner(testingFile).nextLine();  
     //Do your assertion  
     assertThat(output, is("test"));  
     //Delete the test file  

With Stefan's library you can test the messages that go the terminal in the blink of an eye:

   public final SystemOutRule systemOutRule = new SystemOutRule().enableLog();  
   public void systemRulesLibraryConsoleOutputTest() {  
     assertThat(systemOutRule.getLog(), is("test"));  

Ok, now back to work now ;)

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