Monday, December 17, 2018

Java Developer interview questions.

I decided to make a compilation of possible interview questions for Java developers. I personally don't really like when in interviews this kind of academically oriented questions appear but unfortunately not every company does live coding exercises.

Hopefully this blog post will be useful as a mind refreshing tool when going to one of those interviews where the interviewer reads questions from a script(sometimes managers or semi-technical tech leads, etc ...) and you have to explain technical things with your own words. 

This compilation are real questions that can appear and they did in fact appear in interviews I've been in, at some point in my career. I will try to include more questions to this video in the future as I remember them.

For Kafka related F.A.Q have a look at

What is the equals and hashcode contract in Java?

What is the difference between an ArrayList and a Linked list?

What is the final keyword in java and where it can be used?

Can you describe the inner workings of a Java HashMap?

What is "try with resources" in Java? 

Do you know what "volatile" is?

Can you write code to check if a String is a Palindrome?

How can you reverse a String using Java?

How can you reverse an Integer using Java?

@Component vs @Service vs @Repository

What is database indexing?

Explain asynchronous non blocking calls and what are circuit breakers

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