Saturday, January 15, 2011

As novice web programmer: Why i prefer JEE 6 instead of frameworks?

Is not that i think that frameworks are not good, but let me tell you about my experience with a couple of popular frameworks:
Ive been ussing Apache Tapestry and Hibernate together, for almost 2 years and this are the 3 main reasons why i decided to switch to jee6:
  1. About tapestry i think that is a way more difficult than JSF and i think you have less information about troubleshooting and configurations on blogs, forums... 
  2. Regarding to Hibernate we know that it was the first ORM framework, but now JEE 6 came out with JPA 2.0 which enhances lots of the features and it is already included in the development kit, so it is more comfortable to work with.
  3. Finally im tired of ussing different frameworks for doing different things. In jee6 i see a great all in one tool with all the stuff i need.

I think that with JEE6 they finnally hit the spot. If you want to start enterprise programming in java JEE 6 has just all you need.


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