Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Helping a friend.

Yesterday a good friend of mine told me that he was interested in becoming a SCJA(Sun Certified Java Associate), i told him that it was a great idea that will help him to get a great introductory course to all of the java technologies and maybe a good start point for further studies in the world of java. That was the way i started my java certification career almost 3 years ago, and was really happy to do it with the SCJA course, because ut gave me a very solid basis.
I told my friend i would post the guide that i wrote by my self and that helped me to become a SCJA back then.
I hope it is useful to whoever reads it. I used lots of information that i found all over the internet, and i think, it is very complete.

Here is the link(i dont know when will it expire, but if so, just comment and i will post it again):


  1. Hi,

    Thank you for sharing your notes, I think they are a great reading for someone at the beginning of a Java certification path, like myself.
    As you maybe noticed in my blog, I am planning to take the exam for Oracle ADF certification. When I was working as an instructor at Oracle, I used to be very embarrassed by a few ADF lessons included in the Java EE course, because I didn't understand ADF at all. I still don't, probably because I don't understand well the basics of Java and Web programming.

    What is a framework, anyway? Does it include the development environment as well? Because my feeling is that ADF is tightly linked with JDeveloper.
    Are ADF Business Components just EJBs?
    For me, ADF is the promise of creating Web applications without writing any line of code :)
    (I never managed a successful demo of that while I was working at Oracle, but I saw other instructors doing it, and the secret is, of course, understanding the code that is generated automatically.)

    It's kind of you to say you want to ask me for advice on Java EE. Actually I am now using blogging as a means for learning and I would appreciate your questions because, as you know, very often questions are more valuable than answers.

    The service you are currently building with JSF, EJB and JPA sounds interesting. For my own professional future, I think I would prefer to deal with the presentation layer of the application only, leaving the business logic to others. (I'm not a very logical person, you see :)

  2. 2 Years ago when i started my java career i was also very confused about a lot of things. In those notes you will find the very basics of the java programming language and also will give you a good overview of the range of technologies that exist related to java.

    Well first i will answer about ADF. Honestly it is the first time i heard about it, but i just saw a couple of short clips on youtube and i think ive got the idea about what is it.
    ADF(Application Development Framework) is a tool from the Oracle company allows you to speed up your development process while you can focus only in the bussiness logic. JDeveloper is just the IDE(Integrated Development Enviroment)
    If you still dont understand what frameworks are, you can think about it as a patch or add on that allows you to do some programming in an easier way. There are lots of frameworks on the marketplace that an built on top of different layers of the JEE platform(Examples are: Tapestry, Spring, Hibernate...).

    You also asked if ADF does include the IDE. I dont know that. But i can tell you that what i use for preparing my work enviroment is called OEPE(Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse), it icludes everithig(included the app server) also very easy to setup and you can start working in less than 20 mins.

    If you want to find more info about ADF or stuff related to java, i would recommend you to seek for training videos(I would recommend you VTC and Total Training). They are very useful, and you can download them with a torrent.

    I saw that ADF has support for JSF, that is realy good thing but i hope that it is also full compatible with JEE6(I think you should find that out) thats becouse there are things on the old J2EE such as the JSPs that are starting to get deprecated.As you are starting to learn about enterprise programming, you should choose wisely.

    I hope i cleared out some of your doubts, fell free to ask anything you want.
    See ya around!

    P.S Hey i almost forgot, you have to register in this forum it is probably the best programming forum on the web, you will find lots of help there too.


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